Canadian Prime Minister Harper Won’t be Attending the UN Climate Change Summit


Think Progress September 12th 2014

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won’t be among the 125 heads of state attending the U.N. Climate Summit in New York this month.

Instead, Canada will be represented by Leona Aglukkaq, the country’s Minister of the Environment, the prime minister’s office confirmed in a statement Wednesday. Harper will be in New York two days after the Climate Summit takes place on September 23 to attend the the U.N.’s Every Woman, Every Child event on the 25th. But he won’t be making the U.N.’s climate summit, which is being held as an addition to the yearly U.N. international climate conferences in an attempt to “galvanize and catalyze climate action.”

Harper joins President Xi Jinping of China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia in choosing to skip the summit. Jinping and Modi are leaders of the countries with the first- and third-highest levels greenhouse gas emissions, respectively, and Canada’s burgeoning tar sands industry has become a major topic of concern among environmental groups and those concerned about climate change. China’s vice premier will represent the country in the president’s stead, and it’s not yet been announced who will go in place of Modi.

Harper hasn’t given any indication as to why he wasn’t personally attending the conference. But U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres said that people following the news of the climate summit shouldn’t put too much stake in the fact that the heads of India and China aren’t coming.

Saving The Planet editorial comment; Not so. Harper calls climate change ‘socialist propaganda’ and he directs Canadian climatologists not to comment on climate change…only the government can issue statements re. climate change!

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