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This blog was created to help heighten public awareness about Climate Change. In doing so we are selecting the best online coverage on related topics and posting them w credits.

Climate Change is an urgent global problem and governments need to work together to arrest the further development of fossil fuels which are the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions. In Canada the irresponsible development of the Alberta oil sands is a case in point. Up until recently the The U.S has been Canada’s # 1 customer for this very dirty oil but is becoming more self sufficient with ‘fracking’ for natural gas production. They are also  heavily investing in renewable energy sources.  As a result, Prime Minister Harper is hoping to expand production and ship through the US (via the Keystone XL pipeline) to a much bigger market in China.  But according to testimony at the US Senate on Keystone XL, the approval by Obama of the Keystone XL pipeline is the linchpin for the further development of the Alberta oil sands. And simply put, Keystone XL is incompatible with a healthy climate.

‘ The negative impacts of Keystone XL will affect the whole world, our shared world, the only world we have.’ Desmond Tutu 2014.

The 2013 Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change Report (The IPCC) says that our future includes an increase in global temperature, more frequent natural disasters, more extreme weather, rising sea levels and flooding or worse if we don’t take immediate action to reign in CO2 emissions.

Susanne is a former publisher of Canadian Geographic magazine.


Susanne Hudson.

Thanks to Stephanie Beattie, Julie beattie, Kidup Gyatso and Jesse Edwards

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  1. An admirable blog! In a world full of climate change skepticism, I feel that I can confidently say the following generation will appreciate that there were blogs like this willing to stand up for the truth!

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